The National Atomic Testing Museum Las Vegas NV

The museum was built in Las Vegas to show and educate on the effects of Atomic exposure. It was created by the national science, history and educational institution, and tells the story of how America tested nuclear weapons at the Nevada test site.

The museum provides lessons incorporating the past and the present to fully (better) understand all the effects that nuclear testing has on the worldwide nuclear deterrence and geopolitical history.

The museum has collection based exhibits which aim to educate the public to understand and appreciate the current world we live in. All of the displays are suitable for children and adults alike. The National Atomic Testing Museum is one of only a few private museums that shows many rare artifacts which relate to the country’s atomic testing program in Nevada.

The Las Vegas museum is the only place where you are able to see a large nuclear reactor which was actually used in the development of early atomic rockets and also the first air-to-air missile that was ever constructed.

Some of the exhibits are not something you would relate to a nuclear weapons program. Personal and nuclear doesn’t have a very safe ring to it somehow. A couple of personal weapons that were constructed in the atomic age were the “Backpack Nuke,” and the “Davy Crockett Weapon System” are sat proudly in the 8000 square feet full of exhibits.

Atomic Age in Las Vegas

The museum also shows the scientific and advances in technology after the atomic age. All the exhibits span 70 years of nuclear testing. If this wasn’t interesting enough, there is also a genuine piece of the Berlin wall on display with some celebratory graffiti.

The museum is also home to two exceptional pieces, these are part of the world trade center and depict the global war on terror.

The museum might not have the spins and thrills of a roller coaster, yet it is a great way to kill a few hours with the children. Maybe all the visitors that come to the National Atomic Museum will leave learning a thing or two of how we can take care of things a little more.