Swedish Massage

Swedish Mobile Massage Las Vegas

A Swedish massage is perhaps the most popular type of massaged offered. The primary goal of a Swedish massage is to relax the entire body.

The way this is accomplished is to stroke the skin in the direction of the blood flowing towards the heart. Relaxation is not the only benefit that comes from a Swedish massage, but there are many outstanding benefits that come from this type of massage. These benefits are likely the reason behind why this is the most popular type of massage to go with.

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    Benefits of a Swedish Massage

    The most popular type of massage brings along a lot of benefits that leave individuals coming back for more. These benefits include:

    • Relaxation
    • Increased circulation
    • Pain relief
    • Improve symptoms of fatigue, depression, and anxiety
    • Increase levels of oxygen
    • Decrease muscle toxins

    Many of these benefits have been proven to work. For example, a study was conducted and through that study, it was found that the volunteers that experienced a at least a forty-five-minute Swedish massage experienced a decreased level of stress hormones, as well as a boost in immune system cells which are great in fighting against cold and flu symptoms.

    Swedish Massage Techniques

    The Swedish massage is perhaps the most traditional massage and method for relaxation. While other methods may cause some discomfort because of the amount of pressure put on the body, this massage has been known to be simply relaxing.

    This massage is performed by putting circular pressure on the body using the hands and palms. The massage therapist will use firm kneading, tapping, and bending.

    Swedish Mobile Massage Las Vegas
    Although, it is very important to discuss your levels of discomfort and what you are looking for in this massage, so you can have the most relaxing and enjoyable experience.

    Swedish Massage Sessions Lengths

    Many may think of a massage as something rather quick and simple, but while a short massage may do the trick, it is recommended that your Swedish massage is at least forty- five minutes in length.

    When requesting a Swedish massage, you may choose the length you wish. So, do not feel pressured into a length of time you are not comfortable with.
    Swedish Massage 5 Types Of Moves

    These 5 types of moves make up the basics of a Swedish massage

    Tapotement- This move is a drumming motion performed on the body. The motion of the therapist’s hands may make a cupping sound. It is perhaps the loudest part of the massage and is typically used at the end of the massage, which helps wake you up if you are falling asleep. Shiatsu Massage

    Petrissage- This technique works your muscles. The therapist may put a bit of pressure on your body and move their hands in a kneading motion.
    Effleurage- This is the most relaxing part of the massage. During this part, the therapist will simply guide their hands along your body while massaging the muscles along the way.

    Friction- Friction is used to work the muscle fibers. This is perhaps the most beneficial technique used in a Swedish massage.

    Vibration- This technique is self- explanatory. The vibrations can be done by the therapist’s hands or a vibrating device.