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Deep Tissue Mobile Massage Las Vegas

Deep Tissue is one of the many types of massage therapy. The factor that sets this type of massage apart from others is the fact that its sole purpose is to reach deep into the layers of muscle and the tissue around the muscles.

Deep Tissue Mobile Massage


Deep Tissue Vs Swedish Massage
When receiving these two massages, at first, they may seem very similar. That being said, they do have their differences.The deep tissue and Swedish massage both begin with strokes along the body, putting pressure on certain muscles. This is used to prepare the muscles and relax the individual so they are not tense during the massage.

While a Swedish massage is great for general relaxation and other health benefits Reflexology, deep tissue has a much more specific goal.

This goal is to break up the scar tissue and break down muscle adhesion’s. Muscle adhesion’s tend to cause pain, result in poor circulation, and cause swelling. In some cases, it may even prevent a person from doing certain physical activities, such as exercising and lifting.

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    One difference between the two massages is that during the deep tissue massage, more of the elbow, knuckles, thumbs, and forearm are used.

    Massage Techniques

    While the Swedish massage uses about five techniques throughout the massage, the deep tissue massage only uses two. These two include:

    1. Friction- this process applies pressure to muscle adhesions to release them. It may also be used to realign muscle fibers
    2. Stripping- This method uses different parts of the body, such as the elbow, forearm, or knuckles to get deep into the muscles and tissue.

    Deep Tissue Massage Benefits

    Many chose the deep tissue massage because of pain in their backs or other areas. While this massage is great for body pain, it can also bring a number of other benefits. These benefits include:

    1. Reduce chronic pain
    2. Improve blood pressure
    3. Relieves stress
    4. Rehabilitates muscles
    5. Breaks up scar tissue

    Improving blood pressure is one that many people do not think about. During a study, it was discovered that after a deep tissue massage that lasted at least 45 minutes, many people’s blood pressure had dropped. It was also discovered that it reduced their heart rate along with their stress hormone levels.  If you have questions on other benefits or if it

    Who should get a deep tissue massage?

    Even though the team at Mobile Massage Las Vegas would say that everyone will likely benefit from this type of massage, it is more targeted towards those that are experiencing body pain of some sort.
    Anyone experiencing the following issues will greatly benefit from a deep tissue massage.

    • Tennis elbow
    • Upper back and neck pain
    • Fibromyalgia
    • Muscle tension
    • Posture issues
    • Lower back pain
    • Limited mobility

    Many people who have received this massage for those reasons have said that the massage has been more beneficial than physical therapy, prescriptions, and over-the-counter drugs.

    Always consult a doctor before choosing to have this massage done, but also make sure that you communicate with your massage therapist.  They are trained and experienced, but every person has different needs, so they will want to make sure your needs are met.