The Eiffel Tower Experience Las Vegas NV

“Bonjour” Or that is what they would say if you were about to enter the real Eiffel Tower. Yet the Eiffel Tower Experience here in Las Vegas comes kinda close. The sights might be a little different, yet this is one of the best views you can get of the city at any time of the day or evening.

Time your visit right, and you can have a great view of the Bellagio fountains as they do their thing. It is a slightly different viewing angle and gives you some fantastic unobstructed views.

When you jump in the glass elevator and start to rise 460ft into the Las Vegas night sky, you know you are on for a trip that is something special.

The Eiffel Tower Experience in Las Vegas might only be half the size of the original, yet 46 stories are more than enough when you walk around the 360-degree viewing platform and take in all the sights below you.

Dinner for Deux

If you’re after a dreamy romantic wedding, the Eiffel Tower can bring you that little bit of Paris (the city of love) closer to you for your special day. Romance can fill the air, and a romantic dinner can be had just a bit of a distance below you on the 11th floor.

If you’re stuck for choice for anything to eat, you have some great options here. French, Italian, Burgers, Sushi, and much more. It might sound as if the restaurants are there for convenience, yet there are world famous chefs who have graced the Eiffel Tower with their presence. Chef J. Joho to none other than Hell’s Kitchen creator Gordon Ramsey.


Time to Chill in Las Vegas

If you fancy a quieter night instead of hitting any of the major attractions, you have the choice of the following:

Napoleon’s Lounge

This features live entertainment which includes the famous dueling pianos, live music and a laugh or two with stand-up comedy.

Le Cabaret Bar

Here you have achance to relax in the outdoor atmospheric garden setting. Live music and DJ’s fill the evening air with their tunes and beats.

That is just two examples of the chilled out atmosphere you can embrace. If you are in the mood for a more extensive show, there is more than enough at Paris Las Vegas to keep you amused.


The Big Show

CIRCUS 1903 for a limited time is a full-on family entertainment extravaganza. With some of the most mind-blowing acts, you can imagine gracing a stage. It really takes you back to the golden age when performance was a real art.


If you’re feeling a little hypnotized by all, you have seen then maybe you should pop in and watch Anthony Cools. It might not be suitable for the kids as he has the audience under his spell and the antics could become a little risky, yet totally hilarious.

If you still fancy a belly full of giggles. Jeff Civillico brings world-class juggling and stunts with his quick-witted brand of humor. It’s an excellent show for all the family and can be just the thing before you settle them into bed and say “Bonne Nuit” before you head back out to the casino floor for some well-earned lady luck to cross your palms with silver.