Mobile Massage Therapist Las Vegas

If you have thought about using mobile massage therapists in Las Vegas yet, you have a few questions to ask, apart from contacting the friendly staff at Mobile Massage of Las Vegas who are more than happy to book a schedule that fits in with you, or they will answer any questions you might have.

We have here a few of the most common questions asked of mobile massage services in Las Vegas and the surrounding areas.


Most Common Massage Therapy Questions


What massage therapy services do you offer?

We offer many varying types of in-home massage services. These include reflexology, Swedish massage, hot stone massage,  pregnancy massage among many others.

How would I pick the best massage therapist?

If it is your first time, one of our skilled therapists visits your home in Las Vegas. We would find the needs you are looking for and match the best therapist to meet those needs. You will see most of our therapists are skilled and certified in most of the massage techniques we offer. Once you have seen your ideal therapist, you can easily book them for your next session,and we will do our utmost to try and make sure they are available when you need them.

Is There Anything I Have To Provide?

No, our therapists bring all the massage equipment necessary. Even the massage table or massage chair if you require a chair massage can all be provided.

How Quick Can a Massage Therapist Visit?

In peak periods it will be around two hours from the time you have booked. Thisallows our skilled in-home massage therapists to finish their current session and travel to any location in Las Vegas.

Where Can I Book a Therapy Session for?

You can book a therapy session for almost anywhere that is suitable. These can be in your home, a hotel room or at your place of work. All we ask is for a parking area and ease of access. The rest is up to our licensed therapists to give you the best massage, regardless of location.

Many more questions canbe asked, yet they are the most frequent. We answer many of these when our skilled and friendly therapists visit your home. We take away your worries and your pains and leave you fully relaxed.