Escapology, Las Vegas, NV

If you’reup to a challenge with some friends, this is definitely something new. How about being dumped right in the middle of a real-life escape game experience.With 6 games to choose from, there is a taste for everyone. If you are up for some team building or there is just the 2 of you. Pick your theme and see if you can solve the puzzle and escape back to Las Vegas within the hour.


The Code

Can you take on Nitro the world’s greatest Hacker? Take on the role of an FBI agent who is full of enthusiasm and optimism. Nitro is up to his dirty tricks. Can you find the kill code for his program?

Cuban Crisis

You’re transported from Las Vegas back to a time, back to a time when Kennedy was in office. You a CIA operative and you work directly for Kennedy. Armageddon is just around the corner, missiles are pointed toward the US and will only take 4 minutes to their targets. You’re inside Castro’s palace and he is coming back. Solve the clues and get outta there within the hour. Do you think you can do it?


You’ve woken up on a ship in 1848, those free drinks have left you in a slightly dire situation. Years aboard a ship with no way of escape back to Las Vegas. Not until the storm. Being forced ashore you sit it out yet in an hour you will be off again, can you solve the riddles and make it off the ship before she sets sail?

Murder on the Budapest Express

Following the steps of Hercule Poirot your name precedes you, and after being shown the body, you have an hour to find the killer. 5 suspects in the dining room and you have to find the one who did it. Can you really find the killer in time before it’s too late and they find you?

Arizona Shootout and Antidote are two more games you can take on in Las Vegas. Do you have the skills and can you rely on your Las Vegas friends to help you survive the ordeal?

If there ever was an event created for bonding or for team building, this surely has to be it. With only an hour to spare you’re relying on each other. Las Vegas is just outside those doors, can you make it back or are you stuck in the game forever?