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Discovery Museum Las Vegas, NV

The Vegas Valley NV At Dawn

This is definitely a place for the kids, they can spend hours here searching, playing, exploring and inventing. Their minds will open up to the marvel of the many exhibits and areas they can venture to let their imagination run free.

With 9 permanent exhibitions, there is way more than a kid can experience during a day. None of which will take up quite a bit of time like The Summit. It’s not called The Summit for no reason, from the ground, up through three floors and to the roof, and covering 70ft of interactive fun.

It has a whole host of science exhibits along with climbing and sliding structures. There are a full 12 levels to explore, and kids have the chance to experiment and see the connections between scientific concepts and how they are used in real-life.


Eco City

This is the latest addition to the Discovery Museum, yet it might end up being one of the most important. Eco City is laid out in the form of a boulevard and shows many familiar sights and stores. It teaches children all about life and goes as far as them learning how to make a living, depositing and withdrawing money from the bank and how we are all affected by the climate change.


Solving the Mystery

This section brings out the budding sleuths in us all and shows the art of investigation. A real whodunit in Las Vegas. You can the kids get to work out different scenarios, and the answers reveal a completed puzzle when they are all finished correctly.

Form a quick briefing and you are handed your notes the mystery is shared. Time to get your thinking caps on and work your way through the many puzzles. It’s not all pen and paper, touchscreen computers are giving you information at every step of your way.

Once you’re done, you can file that final report. All your efforts of gathering clues and searching for buried treasure in hidden chambers. Then there’s them bones to check in the bone lab and the symbols you have to decode.

Did you and your family solve the Mystery Town? Or did you miss that vital piece of information? Who knows, yet there is one thing, it will have you and your family thinking for a while.

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