ATV Dune and Valley Tours Las Vegas NV

If you and your family really want to get a grip on the desert, there’s no better way than getting down and dirty with an off-road tour. There are a few businesses that give tours from quad bikes to some totally rad ATV’s. So buckle up and hit the dunes.

Adrenaline ATV Tours Las Vegas NV

One of the largest companies is Adrenaline ATV Tours who give tours in their four-wheeled go anywhere buggies. They have a few different designs of single seater to multiple seated vehicles, and all of them offering the same amount of fun and safety.

You know things can get a little hairy from the roll cage that you find yourself strapped inside, that’s not to say you’re gonna roll the buggy, yet it’s an indication it can happen. Who knows what the Las Vegas dunes have in store for you.

With free pick up from within Las Vegas, they whisk you off on a thirty-minute ride to just outside the Las Vegas Fire Trail System. You’ll spend three to four hours touring around. You can see all the wildlife up close and personal and the Hieroglyph markings on the orange walls of the valley.

You might think the buggies are beaten up from all the rugged terrain around the Las Vegas desert where they venture. This isn’t the case with this company, they have been exclusively chosen by Polaris ATV, and all of their vehicles are 2017 spec, so you know you’re gonna get to ride in the most up to date ATV’s available.

Las Vegas ATV Tours

One of the other larger companies offering ATV tours is Las Vegas ATV Tours. They have brand new Can-Am Maverick’s for you to enjoy a four hour trip around Nellis Dunes. Here you get to blast your way around all sorts of terrain, so, no matter if you’re a novice or a seasoned off-roader. There will be something for you to get that adrenaline pumping in the Las Vegas sun.

Once they pick you up, you are whisked off twenty minutes away from the Strip to OHV area that has over 10,000 acres in Las Vegas Clark County, and if that area’s not large enough to roam around?

ATV tours can really get your blood pumping, you’re gonna have a real blast, no matter which company you decide. Both have professional riders who are well equipped to deal with any emergency, or on the off chance, you get stuck. A helping hand will never be far away with these two great ATV tour companies.

If there is one way to make you forget the neon lights of the Strip, it’s gonna be the alien landscape of the Las Vegas desert. You will forget all the hotel comforts and be thrilled by the wind blasting in your face and spitting the sand from your teeth. Get out there and go wild.