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Prenatal Massage – Las Vegas

When someone is pregnant, they suddenly take on more responsibility and undergo more pressure to take care of their health and their bodies.

One of the common problems that occurs during pregnancy is pain. Now this pain can occur anywhere, but it is especially common in the back because of all the extra weight that is put on the body.


prenatal massage in las vegas

Not only can getting a massage help ease the pain, but it can also help relieve stress and provide a lot of other benefits.  Our Mobile Massage team knows alot about how to go about this type of massage the right way.

How does a prenatal massage work?

This type of massage works a little different, for obvious reasons.Since she cannot lie on her stomach, the individual will be placed on their side. This will also prevent any strain from the lower back as well as any abdominal pain.
It is important for the individual to fully communicate with the massage therapist, so they do not cause them any discomfort. This is very important.

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If the patient prefers, they may lie down with a cushion placed under the hip so they may be elevated.

What massage is used in a prenatal massage?

While there are over 80 types of massages, the one that is most commonly used for pre-natal massages is the Swedish massage. This massage is the most basic massage that includes everything to make the individual feel comfortable, relax, and feeling better and the one we at Mobile Massage Las Vegas recommend for your prenatal massage.
Pregnant woman having a relaxing massage.

The massage will probably start with a light stroke throughout the body to prepare the muscles. It will then move into some pressure that will relieve any tension in the muscles.

Other massages may be offered depending on where at the individual is in the pregnancy.

Benefits of a prenatal massage

There can be a lot of pain, discomfort, and stress when being pregnant. Getting a massage is possibly the most effective way to release all this and make the individual feel better.

Here are a few benefits:

  • Blood and lymph circulation
  • Relieve depression and anxiety
  • Relive pain
  • Reduce swelling
  • Result in better sleep
  • Always check with the massage therapist to make sure they are experienced in dealing with pre-natal massages.
  • There are also licensed pre-natal massage therapist that knows exactly what do to and how to make the individual have an enjoyable experience.

They are also often taught how to look for blood clots and other issues in the body that may develop from being pregnant.

Also, check with a doctor to make sure you a fully clear to get a massage, because there are certain health conditions that can affected by receiving a massage such as a high-risk pregnancy, swelling, high blood pressure, and headaches.

If the individual has just given birth, it is also recommended that they ask a doctor before receiving a massage just as an extra precaution. We at Mobile Massage Las Vegas are very knowledgeable on the body, but we won’t know your situation as deeply as your doctor/obgyn does. The body changes during pregnancy and pregnant individuals need to be very cautious.

If you are looking to try a prenatal massage, look no further and contact our massage team today (number below).

“Oh man…new definition to the phrase ‘It Hurt So Goooood!’  Have never felt so relaxed.”

– Jessica Norton